Issuing made flexible: Introducing Independent Credential Issuance

At VerifyEd, we're committed to offering solutions that meet (and exceed!) the expectations of our clients. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of a feature that makes it even easier for course providers to issue credentials: Independent Issuance.

Based on recent feedback from clients, we've learned that many training organisations do not have the email addresses of the individuals they have trained or the necessary consent to issue to their email addresses. To address this, we now allow course providers to issue credentials without requiring learner email addresses.

This exciting development offers new opportunities for training partners who may not have access to learner email addresses or are restricted from sharing employee email information.

What is Independent Issuance?

Independent Issuance enables course providers to issue credentials swiftly and seamlessly, without needing the email address of the learner.

All it takes to issue a credential now is the:

  1. learner's name
  2. outcome of their training or course
  3. completion date.

These minimal details are all that's needed to generate a credential on VerifyEd. Once issued, these credentials can be downloaded as PDFs, printed, and shared with the respective organisations for distribution to their employees or for internal record-keeping.

Simplifying the Process

In our updated issuance flow, you will now notice a small change: 'Email’ is now marked as 'Optional'. This means that while you can provide an email address if you have it, you are no longer dependent on it to issue a credential. Just remember, if you haven't provided an email address you must find another way to deliver the credential to the learner.

Providing an email address is now optional

We still strongly recommend issuing credentials with an email address whenever possible.

Doing so will automatically create an account for the individual on VerifyEd. With this account, they can:

  • conveniently store all their credentials in one easily accessible location,
  • effortlessly share their achievements,
  • build a portfolio of verified skills, and,
  • proudly display their accomplishments on LinkedIn, which in turn will create more awareness of your course offerings.

What happens if a learner requests a VerifyEd account for their credential?

We understand that circumstances can change, and learners may eventually provide an email address. That's why we've also introduced the ability to reassign credentials. If you initially issued a credential to someone without an email address, and they later provide you with one, you can now assign the credential to the learner account associated with their email. If they don't have a learner account, one will be created automatically for them when the credential is reassigned, as it would if you issued them a credential with an email address. This ensures that they can enjoy all the value-added features and benefits of VerifyEd.

Watch Now: Issue digital credentials without an email address

We’re on a mission to simplify the credentialing process, making it easier for course providers to recognise the achievements of individuals, and we believe that our new Independent Issuance feature helps facilitate this. We hope this feature empowers you to issue even more credentials to individuals, enabling them to showcase their accomplishments and skills to the world.

We are excited about this feature and look forward to seeing how it improves your credentialing experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

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