LinkedIn Badges: How to Add Digital Badges To Your Profile

In the competitive world of professional networking, it's crucial to stand out. LinkedIn, as the leading platform for connecting professionals worldwide, constantly evolves to meet users' needs. LinkedIn provides a platform for people to showcase their badges, which is one of its latest innovations. This powerful feature goes beyond the traditional resume, allowing you to highlight your skills and accomplishments in a whole new way.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of LinkedIn badges, exploring their significance in enhancing your professional profile. We'll discuss why it's essential to incorporate badges into your LinkedIn profile and provide a detailed tutorial on seamlessly integrating digital badges into your online identity using VerifyEd. Let's get started!

Why Employers or Educational Institutions Should Issue Digital Badges

Digital badges serve as a versatile tool for employers and educational institutions, not just for the recipients of these badges. When badges are issued upon the completion of a course or training, they have numerous benefits for the issuing entity as well.

1. Increasing Awareness about Course Offerings and Boosting Sign-ups

When an individual shares a digital badge on their LinkedIn profile, it's akin to a personal endorsement of the course or training they undertook. This inadvertently acts as promotion for the issuing institution. Every time a badge is shared, it reaches the participant's network, spreading awareness about the course offerings. As these badges are shared more frequently, the visibility of the institution increases which can lead to higher participant sign-ups.

2. Digital Badges as a Marketing Tool

Moreover, issuing digital badges can serve as an efficient marketing tool. Each badge, with its distinctive design and embedded information, carries the brand of the issuing organisation. As these badges are shared across LinkedIn, it results in increased brand visibility and recognition, creating awareness about the organisation. Furthermore, it signals the organisation's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering continuous learning, which enhances their reputation in the industry.

3. Showcasing Commitment to Employee or Student Improvement

Another significant advantage of issuing digital badges is that it demonstrates an organisation's dedication to the continued growth and development of their employees or students. When an organisation invests in upskilling their team and recognises their learning journey with digital badges, they are portraying themselves as a nurturing environment committed to professional growth. This commitment is not only attractive to potential employees or learners but also showcases the organisation as a 'good' employer or education provider. By showcasing their dedication to fostering a culture of learning and continuous improvement, digital badges serve as a testament to an organisation's commitment to professional development, enhancing their recruitment efforts.

How to Get LinkedIn Badges Set-Up for My Employees or Students

Setting up LinkedIn badges for your employees or students through VerifyEd is a straightforward process that offers long-term benefits. By issuing digital badges and certificates via VerifyEd, your employees or students will receive them in a digital format which can be shared on LinkedIn with ease.

This not only enhances the visibility of their individual skills and competencies but also promotes your organisation indirectly. Moreover, you can connect your LinkedIn Company or Organisation page with VerifyEd. This means that your LinkedIn company page will be tagged automatically when an individual shares their digital badge or certificate on LinkedIn.

As a result, every share can translate into direct traffic from your students' or employees' extended LinkedIn network to your LinkedIn company page. This substantially amplifies your organisation's reach, and provides a platform for potential participants or clients to learn more about your offerings. By utilising VerifyEd for issuing badges, you are enhancing the educational experience for your learners and promoting your institution simultaneously.

To see a step-by-step guide of how to adding your LinkedIn organisation ID to VerifyEd so your company LinkedIn page is automatically tagged when an individual shared their digital bade of certificate to LinkedIn, read our post: Sharing and verifying certificates on LinkedIn

The Significance of LinkedIn Badges for Employees and Individuals

1. Demonstrating Credibility

In today's digital era, where information is abundant, credibility holds immense value. LinkedIn badges play a crucial role in this regard by serving as virtual endorsements. They provide a concrete and verifiable record of your skills and accomplishments. When potential collaborators or employers visit your profile, these badges act as trust markers, helping you establish credibility and stand out from the competition.

It's important to note that LinkedIn badges are not just icons; they represent your commitment to professional growth. By earning badges, you demonstrate an ongoing dedication to learning and staying up-to-date with industry trends. Sharing these badges on your LinkedIn feed initiates conversations, fosters engagement within your network, and positions you as a thought leader.

2. Indicating Skills to Employers

Recruiters and employers have the challenging job of going through numerous profiles to find the ideal candidate. That's where LinkedIn badges come in handy. They serve as visual indicators, enabling employers to quickly evaluate your qualifications. By integrating relevant badges on your profile, you can expedite the hiring process while ensuring that your skills align with the specific job requirements. It's a win-win situation for both parties involved!

3. Ease of Verification for Employers

LinkedIn badges provide a convenient way for employers to verify your credentials. When they click on a badge, they can access detailed information about your certifications or skills, making the verification process efficient and reliable. This level of transparency helps build trust, assuring employers that your skills are not just listed but backed by reputable sources.

4. Engaging your Network

LinkedIn badges offer an excellent opportunity to engage with your network. Sharing your newly acquired badges encourages conversation, stimulates curiosity and creates an environment for knowledge exchange. When you share a badge, it can act as a catalyst for a discussion around the skill or certification represented by the badge. Your contacts might express interest, ask for advice, or even share their personal experiences related to the topic. This exchange helps to position you as a knowledgeable resource in your specific area, reinforcing your expert status within your professional community. Sharing badges not only highlights your accomplishments, but also keeps your network informed about your ongoing professional development and industry involvement. LinkedIn badges are not merely tokens of achievement; they are powerful networking tools that enable you to differentiate yourself, spark meaningful conversations, and cement your role as a thought leader.

5. Developing your Personal Brand

LinkedIn badges are valuable assets in shaping and refining your personal brand. They serve as visual endorsements of your skills and expertise, helping you to create a compelling narrative around your professional identity. With the ability to curate your badges, you can strategically position yourself as a thought leader in specific subject areas or skill sets. By selectively showcasing badges that align with your career goals and professional vision, you effectively communicate your unique value proposition to your network and potential employers. In essence, LinkedIn badges allow you to tell your professional story in a way that resonates with your audience, reinforcing your brand and enhancing your visibility in your chosen field.

6. Unlocking New Opportunities

Showcasing digital badges and certificates on LinkedIn doesn't just validate your skills and enhance your personal brand — it also opens the door to a raft of new opportunities. Potential employers can see your verified accomplishments, fostering trust, and potentially leading to job offers or promotions. Furthermore, the recognition of your expertise can attract invitations for speaking engagements at conferences or webinars, boosting your prominence in your professional community. The visibility of your skills and achievements may also give rise to mentorship or coaching opportunities, allowing you to share your knowledge and experience with others. Finally, your showcased badges may pique the interest of like-minded professionals, leading to collaborative projects, joint ventures, or partnerships. The showcasing of digital badges on LinkedIn serves as a dynamic billboard of your capabilities and potential, catalysing a range of exciting professional opportunities.

How to Add LinkedIn Badges Using VerifyEd

The process of adding LinkedIn badges using VerifyEd can be tailored to align with your professional goals. There are several ways to showcase your achievements, each with its unique benefits. If you wish to share your recent accomplishments with your network and prompt immediate interactions, creating a post with your new badge is an excellent choice. However, for a more permanent and organised record of your skills and qualifications, it's recommended to add your badges to the Licenses and Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile. This offers a dedicated space where potential employers can easily verify your credentials. In the coming sections, we will guide you through both methods, enabling you to utilise LinkedIn badges to their full potential.

1. Creating a Post

A simple yet effective way to showcase your badges is by creating a post. This approach adds a personal touch to your achievements, providing context for your network. The visibility of badges within your professional circle is heightened when shared as a post, increasing engagement and solidifying your position as a dedicated professional.

2. Leveraging the Licenses and Credentials Section

LinkedIn's 'Licenses and Credentials' section serves as a dedicated space for displaying certifications. Integrating badges here ensures they are prominently featured on your profile, offering visitors a quick overview of your key qualifications. This section acts as a dynamic digital portfolio, providing a comprehensive snapshot of your skills and accomplishments.

Utilising both methods - sharing badges as posts and adding them to the 'Licenses and Credentials' section - can amplify the impact of your digital badges on LinkedIn. By doing so, you not only engage your network with your continual growth but also present a robust, easily verifiable record of your skills and accomplishments to potential employers. It is this dual approach that can truly harness the potential of LinkedIn badges, enhancing your online professional identity and boosting your career prospects.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Digital Badges and Certificates to LinkedIn Using VerifyEd

a. Log in to VerifyEd:
Access your VerifyEd account to manage and view your earned badges and certificates.

b. Choose the Badge or Certificate you would like to share:
Select a badge or certificate that aligns with your professional goals and enhances your profile.

c. Click the 'Share' icon and select the way you would like to add to LinkedIn:
Streamlining the process, VerifyEd offers a direct integration with LinkedIn. Click the 'Share' button associated with your chosen badge or certificate and then select the action you would like to do, 'Add to LinkedIn Certifications' or 'Share as a LinkedIn post'.

d. Authorise Access:
Grant permission for VerifyEd to connect with your LinkedIn profile, ensuring a seamless transfer of your badges.

e. Review and Share:
Before finalising, review the information to be shared on LinkedIn. Add a personalised message to provide context to your audience if you are sharing as a post.

To see a visual examples and a more in-depth step-by-step walkthrough of 'Adding to LinkedIn Certifications' or 'Sharing as a LinkedIn post', read our post: Sharing and verifying certificates on LinkedIn

Expanding the Concept of LinkedIn Badges

1. Building a Visual Narrative

LinkedIn badges have more to offer than just their functional aspect. They have the power to tell a visual story of your professional journey. Each badge represents growth, achievements, and a commitment to excellence. When strategically arranged on your profile, they create a visually compelling narrative that captures the attention of visitors, showcasing your dedication to continuous improvement.

2. Connecting with Industry Trends

LinkedIn badges are not static; they evolve with industry trends. To remain competitive, it's crucial for professionals to stay up to date with emerging certifications and skills. By regularly updating and adding new badges to your profile, you demonstrate adaptability and a forward-thinking approach to your professional development.

3. Fostering Collaboration through Badges

LinkedIn is a collaborative platform, and badges serve as conversation starters. Engaging with your network through discussions on your badges not only highlights your achievements but also opens doors for collaboration. The collaborative potential of LinkedIn badges goes beyond individual recognition, fostering a sense of community and shared learning within your professional network.


Unlock the full potential of LinkedIn badges, enhancing both your digital presence as an individual and the credibility of organisations issuing these badges. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide and leveraging VerifyEd, you can transform your profile into a beacon of professionalism. Embrace continuous professional growth and witness the collective impact on individuals and organisations within the expansive landscape of LinkedIn.

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