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Digital credentials for your students.

Issue tamper-proof digital certificates, transcripts and modules from any provider.

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Trusted by World Bank, FutureLearn and many more

Example of VerifyEd certificate.
A receipt showing the verification of the above certificate.

Authenticated fast, stored securely.

We use innovative blockchain technology to ensure credentials are protected and instantly verified.

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Help your learners land their dream job.

VerifyEd credentials bring together modules, transcripts, verified skills and coursework - allowing your learners to demonstrate the depth of their learning.

Your learners will also get an instant connection to our recruiter network, helping them land their next job.

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Credentials which we store on VerifyEd.

Increase the reach of your course.

Digital credentials have more online virality, with learners sharing them across social media and professional networks. Our credential pages link back to your site to share this interest with you.

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Environmentally friendly blockchain.

The cryptocurrency we use is eco-friendly and pre-mined, which is better for our planet.

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Energy Consumption

Some providers use Bitcoin, which requires 57,000 times more energy than our solution. It’s off the charts.


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“When I started Black Valley, I knew I wanted a way for participants on the programme to be verified. A system that celebrates our graduate’s achievement post-programme completion and that is fraud-proof. VerifyEd was able to do all of this, with one click of a button we create a moment for our graduates that highlights their achievements. I also love the ease of the setup process to upload and issue the certificates.”

Leke Sholuade, Founder of Black Valley