Just launched: Our new digital credential design service

We speak to many organisations each week who are looking to issue badges and certificates on VerifyEd. Many of these organisations have never issued digital credentials before, or if they have they’ve been in PDF or print format. This means they are looking to create (or recreate) their vision for the design of their certificate in VerifyEd, so the credentials look professional and are eye-catching when shared on LinkedIn.

That’s where our Certificate Designer comes in. We’ve deliberately created our design tool to be as easy to use as possible, so users can create a beautiful digital certificate or badge in just a few minutes. We’ve even created a default certificate template for you to get you started, as we know it can be daunting looking at a blank canvas.

Some of the organisations we speak to simply don’t have the time to create a certificate or badge design themselves though, and that's where our newest offering comes in.

We’ve just launched a credential design service!

Now you can enlist the services of a professional designer to create a beautiful-looking certificate or badge template for you, so you don't have to. Our designer will work with you to understand:

  1. The look and brand feel you’re hoping to achieve for your credential
  2. The information you would like displayed on the credential
  3. If you need any additional variants of the template e.g. if you are working with specific partners and would like to also display their logo on it

Our designers will work with any existing brand or design guidelines you may have in place, and can also recreate an existing design you already have into VerifyEd. If they are starting from scratch, they will also present a couple of different design options for you to pick your favourite.

If you are interested in exploring the service further, please book a time to speak with us, or click the ‘Find out more’ button on the advert in our Credential Designer.

 We look forward to working with you to create beautiful credentials!

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