Feature Reveal: Learning Pathways

VerifyEd is launching a new way for you to incentivise and track your learners’ progress. Now you can group related courses, set milestone achievements and issue awards to your learners for completing a learning pathway.

An example of a learning pathway created in VerifyEd, showing multiple courses and a milestone.

What is a learning pathway?

A learning pathway is a structured route for learners to follow as they progress through a series of courses. From the discussions we’ve had with institutions, we identified a need to support pathways of learning.

The pathway is designed to provide learners with a clear and logical route to achieving their learning goals. It can be used to group related courses together, track learner progress, and provide rewards for completing their route.

How do learning pathways work?

Learning pathways work by grouping courses together based on their relevance and difficulty level.

Each pathway consists of courses and milestones. The courses are organised in a logical sequence, with each one building on the knowledge gained from the previous course. Learners are rewarded when they complete the courses and reach each milestone. Learners can track their progress and see how far they have come, whilst also understanding and reflecting on the skills they have learnt. This provides learners with a sense of achievement and motivation to continue.

Learning Pathway with skills shown in milestone

The learning pathways feature is customisable, allowing you to create pathways that are specific to your institution's needs. As you build your pathway, our app will assist you in suggesting relevant courses based on the skills they offer.

What's next?

We are excited to see how our institutions will use the learning pathways feature to improve their learners' experience and outcomes.

We are keen to hear from institutions that are interested in trying the feature out, to understand what they like and what else they might need from a tool like this.

We also plan to integrate learning pathways with other existing features to provide a seamless learning experience for your learners, as well as supporting linked pathways which allow you to chain multiple pathways together.

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