All your credentials, securely stored and shareable

Store all your credentials in one place, securely. You can share your credentials with just a link to anyone who needs to see them.

A single learner's profile, showing their profile picture, skills and certificates.

Your verified skill profile

When you get awarded a credential in VerifyEd™, you also attain verified skills. These skills are automatically added to your profile, and help you showcase your abilities to the world.

Three different people's unique skill profiles.

Everything you need and more

Verify your credentials quickly

We use the blockchain to ensure that your credentials cannot be tampered with, and we re-verify them every time someone views them.

Keep everything in one place

Store all your achievements, certificates and awards in one place. No more digging through your drawers to find that one certificate.

Prove your identity

We allow all students to complete an identity verification with Yoti. After you've completed your check, your profile will be verified.

Instantly share

Share anything from your entire profile, or just one credential with whoever you need to. One link, done.

Understand your skills

With your skills profile, you can analyse which skills you have right now, and we'll help you get the skills you want next.

Inclusive and accessible

Every student should have access to education and their awards. We take accessibility and inclusion very seriously, and adhere to WCAG 2.1 AA as standard.

Get started with digital credentials

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Screenshots of learners sharing their VerifyEd certificates on social media.