New features: Enhancing your experience with VerifyEd

We’ve recently introduced several new features to make it easier to create and manage credentials.

Import designs: Unleash your branding potential

Personalisation is crucial for building a strong brand identity. With our latest update, you can now upload background images to create fully branded credentials that reflect your company’s branding. By infusing your unique branding elements, you can create a lasting impression on recipients, enhance brand recognition, and strengthen your professional presence.

Simply upload your background image in the Style and Formatting section of our Credential Designer, to make your credential reflect your organisations branding.

Example of a credential with a custom background.
Example of a credential with a custom background

Better skills suggestions: Streamlining skill identification

Identifying and surfacing the skills a learner gains through your course can be a time-consuming process. Our enhanced Machine Learning feature alleviates this burden by providing better skill suggestions. 

With the recent tweaks to our Machine Learning model, skills are automatically generated based on the course title and description alone, delivering more accurate and suitable recommendations. Save time and effort in manually identifying skills, and ensure that your credentials align perfectly with the skills sought by employers and industry standards.

Example of suggested skills.
Example of suggested skills

Archiving of logo and signature files: Organise and streamline

To maintain a clutter-free environment, we have introduced the ability to archive outdated logo and signature files within our Credential Designer. 

Keep an eye out for the ‘Archive’ icon next to uploaded logos or signatures, clicking the icon will hide the old logo or signatures, helping to keep your workspace organised and ensuring quick access to the most relevant and up-to-date branding elements. By maintaining a clean and structured design process, you can create credentials with ease and confidence.

Logo upload dialog with archive option
Archive logos and signatures

Enhanced Analytics Dashboard: Unlocking deeper insights

We believe that data is the key to informed decision-making. With our enhanced Analytics Dashboard, clients now have access to comprehensive insights into the reach and impact of their credentials. 

VerifyEd UI showing analytics dashboard
Our updated analytics dashboard

Gain a deeper understanding of how frequently and where your credentials are being shared and seen. Discover which courses garner the most credential views, track the number of credentials shared on LinkedIn, and measure the traffic driven to course pages. Armed with this valuable information, you can optimise your strategies and maximise the effectiveness of your credentials.

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We hope you enjoy our latest batch of improvements, as ever, if you have any feedback about the features, or would like to see other improvements, please feel free to drop us a line at

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