Sharing and verifying certificates on LinkedIn

In our latest release, we’ve launched a new feature (wooo): LinkedIn sharing and verifying!

In addition to sharing links to certificates, learners can now share their certificates seamlessly to LinkedIn. It’s simple to do, just click the ‘Share’ button and select ‘Share to LinkedIn’.

A LinkedIn modal will display which will be pre populated with the data from the certificate, including the expiry date if the credential has one. 

Once you’re happy with the information on the modal, press save, and the certificate will be added to your LinkedIn profile under the ‘Licenses & certifications’ section.

One thing to note, certificates shared to LinkedIn will be made public automatically. This means that anyone in your network will be able to click ‘See credential’ and will be taken to the VerifyEd issued certificate. This makes it simple for them to verify its authenticity, and understand what skills were gained through your learning.

We hope you enjoy the new feature, if you have any questions or other feature ideas, please feel free to drop us a line at

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