Flexible certificates and easier issuance

Over the summer we ran some usability tests on our certificate issuance flow and platform in general (thanks to all that took part). It was super helpful for us to observe people using VerifyEd, and off the back of the tests we’ve made a number of improvements to make issuing certificates even easier.

  1. Streamlined csv upload

We’ve streamlined our CSV uploader to make it more straightforward to issue, and now only require four bits of data to create certificates:

  • Email - The email addresses of your learners receiving the certificates
  • Name - Their full names
  • Outcome - Their ‘result’ for example this could be ‘Pass’, a percentage, or a grade e.g. A+
  • Date - The completion date you would like to display on the certificate. 

Fewer required fields means it's even quicker to issue certificates, however we’ve still kept the ability for you to add additional data in addition to the four required data points. 

  1. More Flexibility
VerifyEd certificate designer

After speaking to partners we understood that the data people would like to show on their certificates ranges from partner to partner. With this in mind we’ve made the csv uploader even more flexible.

In addition to the four data points above you can add any additional information you want to display underneath the Name, Outcome and Completion Date. Just add the data names as additional columns to the first row of the csv file, and enter the necessary information for each learner below it. 

For example a data name could be ‘Credit’ or ‘Study method’ or whatever you chose, and you can populate it with the data e.g. the number of credits achieved through the course or how they studied, for each of the learners. 

We’ve also added the ability to customise the generic text that shows on the certificate meaning you are in complete control of what displays on your learners’ certificates.

  1. Clearer error reporting
Certificate issuer UI with problems highlighted

We understand that mistakes happen when uploading data, so to allow for this we’ve improved our error reporting if data is missing or uploaded in the wrong format. 

We will now let you know why the CSV upload has failed, what row the issue has occurred on, and guide you how to fix issues. So if an email address isn’t formatted correctly, date is in the wrong format, or any of the required fields are missing data, the platform will let you know.

For more information about these new improvement, please check out our new tutorial, 

'How to get the most out of your CSV upload' below.

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