Unleashing the Power of Digital Credentials: A Paradigm Shift in Skills Recognition

Continuous learning and up-skilling are paramount today. Traditional certificates often fall short in capturing the true essence of an individual's skills and abilities. While certificates celebrate the successful completion of a course or programme, they often fail to reflect the practical skills acquired through learning and experience. At VerifyEd, we believe that digital credentials hold the key to unlocking the potential of individuals by accurately surfacing and verifying their skills.

Introducing VerifyEd: Recognising Skills, Empowering Individuals

What is VerifyEd?

VerifyEd is a pioneering platform that issues digital credentials to recognise learning and training done in both educational institutions and workplaces. Our mission is to shift the focus from the end award to the actual skills acquired throughout the learning journey.

The Challenge: Articulating Skills in a Competitive Landscape

Many individuals; students, graduates, employees (in particular early career individuals) struggle to articulate the skills they have gained despite knowing the courses and training they have undergone. This lack of ability to communicate their skills effectively can hinder their career prospects and opportunities.

Our Solution: Surfacing Skills, Not Just Certificates

Rather than waiting for the completion of a course or award, VerifyEd encourages its partners to recognise and verify the skills gained from individual units of study and training, extracurricular activities, work experience, and other non-traditional learning avenues. By focusing on surfacing the actual skills acquired, we empower individuals to understand and communicate their capabilities more effectively.

Embedded Skills: A Credible Reflection of Individual Capabilities

All the credentials issued by VerifyEd have the option for course providers to embed the skills gained by individuals. This unique feature ensures the authenticity and credibility of the skills reflected in the credentials. By having verifiable evidence of their practical skills, individuals can confidently present themselves as competent candidates to potential employers.

The Benefits: Empowering Individuals and Enlightening Employers

Enhanced Self-Awareness

VerifyEd's approach helps individuals become more aware of the skills they possess, allowing them to articulate their capabilities confidently. By having a tangible and verified record of their skills, individuals can present themselves as competent employees within the workplace and candidates in the job market.

Transparent Evaluation for Employers

VerifyEd enables employers to transparently evaluate the skills possessed by potential candidates. Access to verified skills profiles empowers employers to make accurate and informed hiring decisions, ensuring the right skills match for their organisations.

VerifyEd not only benefits employers in evaluating the skills of potential candidates but also provides valuable insights into the skills of their existing employees. By utilising verified skills profiles, employers can gain a comprehensive understanding of the skills their employees possess and how they align with the needs of their organisation. This empowers employers to make informed decisions regarding talent management, career development, and internal mobility.

By accessing the verified skills profiles of their employees, employers can:

  1. Identify Skill Gaps: By comparing the skills required for specific roles or projects with the skills possessed by their employees, employers can identify any gaps that may exist. This allows them to devise targeted training programs or initiatives to bridge those gaps, ensuring their workforce remains skilled and competitive.
  2. Facilitate Internal Mobility: Having a clear picture of the skills their employees possess enables employers to identify suitable candidates for internal job openings or promotions. This internal mobility not only helps in retaining top talent but also fosters a culture of growth and career progression within the organisation.
  3. Enable Effective Skill Utilisation: Understanding the skills of employees allows employers to assign tasks and projects more effectively. They can match individuals with the right skills to specific projects, leading to enhanced productivity and better outcomes. This targeted allocation of resources ensures that each employee's skills are utilised optimally, benefiting both the individual and the organisation.
  4. Support Succession Planning: Succession planning is critical for organisations to ensure a smooth transition when key positions become vacant. By analysing the skills profiles of employees, employers can identify potential successors for key roles and implement development plans to groom them for future leadership positions. This proactive approach mitigates the risks associated with leadership gaps and ensures continuity.
  5. Foster a Learning Culture: Transparently showcasing employee skills through digital credentials can inspire a culture of continuous learning and skill development within the organisation. When employees see their skills recognised and valued, they are motivated to further enhance their capabilities, leading to a more skilled and adaptable workforce.

By utilising VerifyEd's digital credentials and verified skills profiles, employers can gain deep insights into the skills of their employees. This empowers them to make data-driven decisions, promote talent development, and create a work environment that nurtures the growth and potential of their workforce.

Uptake and Momentum: Leading the Skills-Based Hiring Revolution

In the past month, VerifyEd has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of verified skills issued on the platform. In June 2023 alone, over 6,500 skills were proudly verified. This substantial uptake reflects the growing trend towards skills-based hiring, which is deemed as the future of recruitment. VerifyEd plays a pivotal role in this paradigm shift by providing verified skills profiles that are free from embellishment and self-proclaimed titles.

A Vision for the Future: Tailored Learning and Employment Pathways

VerifyEd's ultimate goal is to create tailored learning and employment pathways based on verified skills. By analysing individuals' current skills, understanding their career aspirations, and studying the skills demanded by various job postings, VerifyEd aims to bridge the gap between individuals and employers. Through comprehensive skills gap analysis, bespoke learning and employment pathways will be developed to equip individuals with the necessary competencies to progress in their careers. This approach also enables employers to identify internal talent for up-skilling to fill any skills gaps within their organisations.

VerifyEd is committed to redefining the recognition and valuation of skills. By harnessing the power of digital credentials, VerifyEd recognises and empowers individuals, ensuring their talents are nurtured and their opportunities are abundant.

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