Product Update: Instant Access

Our newest feature, Instant Access, gives you the flexibility to decide whether to issue certificates in Private or Public mode.

Issuing publicly means anyone can view the certificate if they have the link to view it, or if it's been shared on LinkedIn. It also means learners can view their certificate immediately from their email alert, without needing to log in to their VerifyEd account. This is a great way to give learners a seamless and easy way to view their certificates, without having to remember their VerifyEd password.

Issuing privately means only the learner can see their certificate by logging in to their VerifyEd account. Once they have accessed their account, they can make certificates public and share them wherever they would like.

All certificates whether issued publicly or privately will still be stored and saved in a learners VerifyEd account, and learners have the ability to change the privacy of their certificate however they choose, along with collections, and their whole profile.

You will see the two options within the issuance flow, selecting one of them will mean all certificates in that batch will be issued with that privacy status.

Privacy toggle in the certificate issuance UI
Select the privacy status of your certificates in the issuance flow.

We hope you like the extra flexibility this gives you when issuing, if you have any questions of comments, please feel free to drop us a line at

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