Learners can now sign-up to use VerifyEd

Big news.

Up until now learners have only been able to use VerifyEd if they have been issued a credential by one of the partner organisations. When an organisation such as a trainer or university issues credentials via VerifyEd an account is automatically created for the learner, which will have their credential in. A learner can access this account, view and share their credentials on LinkedIn or with whomever they choose.

That’s until now.

Last week we launched the ability for learners to create an account on VerifyEd themselves. With this new feature it enables learners to create an account with their personal email address, which means that they can store all their credentials in one account, and they will be able to access that account long after leaving university or the workplace where they received training.    

How can students create their own VerifyEd account?

Creating a learner account on VerifyEd is super simple:

  1. Head to our sign up screen: https://app.verifyed.io/signup
  2. Enter your name, email address and create a password for your account.
  3. Accept our Terms of Use
  4. Decide your communication preferences
  5. Click on the "Sign Up" button to complete the process.
  6. You will then be able to access your new VerifyEd learner account

What can learners do after creating a VerifyEd account?

Once a learner has created their account, they will be able to add the credentials that may have been issued to accounts associated with their university or work email address. This means they can still access their credentials after university or their employment ends.

Adding the credentials is easy, students must merge their new personal account with their existing accounts where the credentials have been added to. Full step-by-step instructions on how to link and merge two VerifyEd accounts can be seen in this blog post: Facilitating Lifelong Learning Journeys with Account Merge Feature.

Watch Now: Creating a new learner account and linking it to another learner account

The power of centralised credentials

Allowing learners to create their own accounts on VerifyEd has many benefits:

  1. Convenience: Students no longer have to rely on their educational institution or workplace to access their credentials. They can access them anytime, anywhere through their personal VerifyEd account. If they forget their password to their account, it isn't a big deal as the password reset email will be sent to their personal email and not their university/work email address which they may no longer be able to access.
  2. Portability: As mentioned earlier, students can now take their credentials with them even after leaving university or the workplace where they received their training.
  3. A holistic skills snapshot: Storing all their credentials in one easy-to-access location means they are easy to find and share, but also means they are building a more complete overview of their achievements and skillset, which can be shared with future employers to demonstrate their abilities.

Our vision: To enable and support lifelong learning

Allowing students to create their own account is another step to supporting them on their lifelong learning journey.

It doesn’t stop here.

In the future, we plan to enable learners to import and store credentials from other credential platforms and even keep a digital record of paper-based credentials within VerifyEd. Our goal is to create a record of achievement that grows as the learner's knowledge grows, and provide as much value as possible to learners.

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