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Contract Drafting Skills workshop

Negotiating, Contract Administration
6 hours

"About this course This practical one-day course was designed to help you improve your contract drafting skills. It combined teaching on modern drafting techniques with multiple, practical exercises to help you apply that teaching and improve your drafting. If you are good at general business or legal writing, your skills will get you some of the way to drafting contracts well. But the mix of techniques used in good contract drafting is unique. We discussed when to use and when to reject general writing techniques for contract drafting. By looking at examples of good and bad contract wording, we explored what works and what doesn’t, and how apparently satisfactory wording can be tweaked to remove ambiguities and uncertainties. In doing so, we kept in mind the four Cs - four objectives that are sometimes underrated or overlooked: clarity, correctness (accuracy), conciseness and consistency. We also considered how the courts interpret contracts. It is often better to draft clearly and in a way that avoids litigation, than to focus solely on how to “win” in court. You gained the following skills by attending this course: A better understanding of common drafting mistakes and pitfalls Learnt techniques for drafting clearer contracts Practised your drafting skills by working on multiple, practical exercises"

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