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How your users store their certificates in their profiles, and directly share them to other platforms.
An example of the blockchain digital credentialing platform's 'user profiles'.
How we use blockchain technology to keep your data secure, and allow for instant and free verification.
The symbol of blockchain verification that is standard for every single credential issued in the digital platform.

“It’s not just about box ticking and numbers... there’s a genuine care that each student should reach their aspirations. VerifyEd got that very quickly.”

- Alan Stuart, Director of Employability

Middlesex University

“With one click of a button we can now create a moment for our graduates that highlights their achievements. I love the ease of the setup process to upload and issue the certificates."

- Leke Sholuade, Founder

Black Valley

"[The platform] is just beautiful … so easy and simple to issue, access and share!"

- Attracta O’Regan, Head of Professional Training

The Law Society of Ireland