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Fast Track to Grant Writer

Learn and practice advanced grant writing strategies, how to find grants, and how to set up your grant writing business for success. In the FAST Track to Grant Writer, you’ll: F - FOCUS: Take inventory of your skills and resources, get clear on your goals, and develop your grant writing career roadmap. A - ACCELERATE: Learn pro grant writing strategies, apply them with practice exercises, and get access to my tools and templates I’ve spent 20+ years refining. S - SHAPE: Build a professional plan for your grant writing services and a LinkedIn profile that clearly reflects your career goals. T - TRACK: Activate your action plan so you can build your grant writing career with confidence. Learn from Teresa Huff, MS Ed, the go-to expert in grant writing strategy and host of the Grant Writing Simplified Podcast. The FAST Track to Grant Writer is like Miracle Gro for grant writers. This VIP program is designed for the ambitious, hard-working grant writer who has a heart to serve your community through nonprofit work and is ready to take ACTION. It’s time to FAST Track your income and your impact.

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Grant Writing Basics for Beginners

A solid foundation is critical to any project. There is a lot you need to know and prepare before you even start writing grants. We’ll cover the first essential building blocks you must know before you begin.  In this course you’ll learn: - The basics of how to get started grant writing - Background work you must do before you even apply for grants - Top 10 myths and misconceptions about grants that may be holding you back - Where to look for grants - What a typical grant application includes - How to develop your grant project - What to do next when awards are announced, whether you win or lose - How to write better goals and objectives for your grant applications - Nine reasons grants are rejected - and how to avoid the common mistakes By the end of this course you’ll have a framework to get your school or nonprofit started with the grant writing process.

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