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MD Wear and Carry Permit Course- 16 Hours

This course is 16 hours in length and will cover: -Requirements for MD Wear and Carry Permit course -Requirements for the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) course. More specifically, we will dive into topics such as: - MD Law pertaining the wearing, carrying, and transporting of a firearm with & without a Carry Permit - Self-Defense Firearm Basics - Defensive Shooting Fundamentals - Discussion on Self Defense Insurance - What constitutes a regulated firearm - How to properly purchase and transfer a firearm - Where allowed to carry or transport a firearm - Nomenclature - Who is prohibited from possessing firearms - State law relating to, and discussion of access to minors - Permissible levels of force & use of deadly force - Sight Alignment and Sight Picture - Locking and storing of firearms, safety devices - Position shooting and dry firing - Cleaning and maintenance - Cartridge malfunctions and clearing jams - Differences between revolvers and semi-automatic handguns + Demonstrate functions. What is included- Class itself (incl. Simulator use) Certificate of Completion Score Sheet from range qualification Digital Passport Style Photo Ammunition and use of 9mm firearm for range qualification Textbook Applicable Handouts What is not included- Fingerprinting and its fee Application fee paid to the State Re-testing in case you fail the shooting test. An additional attempt will be $30.

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