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ExtraordinaryPM Essentials

'ExtraordinaryPM Essentials' is a course awarded by Gold Heron Limited on VerifyEd. Enhance your business's project management capabilities with ExtraordinaryPM Essentials. This tailor-made program focuses on core Project Management fundamentals, offering a comprehensive overview of essential tools and techniques. Suitable for beginners and experienced PMs seeking a refresher, this program is backed by extensive experience and expertise. ExtraordinaryPM Essentials comprises of interactive modules, introducing project management tools through presentations, team discussions, mentoring, and real-life examples. Benefits: • Elevate in-house project management and leadership skills. • Apply real-life project management training immediately in the workplace. • Boost team capacity and capability, improving business efficiency. • Foster collaboration, a robust business culture, and confidence. • Establish a shared project management process, approach, and language across the organization. Program Overview: • Tailored training, mentoring, and feedback via Zoom. • Suitable for newcomers, experienced PMs, non-project managers, sponsors, and leaders. • 10 x 90-minute seminars with structured approaches and processes. • Access to course materials via ExtraordinaryPM Hub. • Online sessions recorded for convenient access. • 15 hours of CPD, CPDSO accredited. Modules Cover: • Getting a project started. • Describing the project. • Scope and the Work Breakdown Structure. • The Project Management Plan. • The Project Schedule – how to communicate & work with it. • Risks, assumptions, and issues. • Governance and change control. • Leadership and team management. • Stakeholder management, sponsors and managing conflict. • How to be an Extraordinary Project Manager. Choose ExtraordinaryPM Essentials to enhance your team's project management skills and drive organizational success with a tailor-made program designed for your company's needs.

Project Management Basics, Project Controls, Scheduling, Risk & Issues, Scope & Change Control

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ExtraordinaryPM Mastery

The ExtraordinaryPM Mastery Programme is a transformative training experience designed to elevate leadership and people skills, ensuring successful project delivery while fostering personal growth. Distinguished by its innovative 5T's Framework and guided by accomplished facilitators with transformative project expertise, this Zoom-based program seamlessly integrates teaching, discussions, and mentoring, offering a fresh project management perspective. Open to diverse backgrounds, the course nurtures growth, reigniting project management passion, and enhancing skills for leads, PMs, team member. Business professionals can benefit from effective sponsorship and leadership insights. The curriculum spans five modules: Target, Terrain, Tribe, Time, and Thrive. In the Target module, participants master clear goal setting, strategic thinking, and decision-making to align projects with organizational priorities. Terrain delves into project context, empowering participants to navigate challenges, prioritize tasks, and cultivate a supportive team environment. Tribe emphasizes leadership, influence, team building, communication, and adaptability, enabling attendees to explore diverse styles, foster cohesion, and enhance stakeholder interactions. Time Mastery goes beyond traditional time management, equipping participants with new tools for time optimization, informed decision-making and stress management. Finally, Thrive aligns values, establishes boundaries, and manages success, encouraging participants to practice self-care, build networks, and embrace adaptability. This course seamlessly intertwines project management and personal development, nurturing continuous improvement and resilience. Empowered with purposeful leadership, effective teamwork, and personal growth tools, participants emerge poised not just to succeed in their projects, but to thrive. Additionally, they gain access to an exclusive online community—a space for support, networking, and resources.

Strategic Thinking, Project Leadership, Time Management, Project Contextualisation, Self-Care

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