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'Crowdfund Better Certified Advisor' is a course awarded by Crowdfund Better on VerifyEd. Participants will need to view all 8 lessons in the curriculum and submit their completed Certification Tasks. All required tasks will be outlined in an individual checklist available in the Crowdfund Better Training Portal™. These worksheets will ask you to put your learning into action through hands-on exercises with clients and to reflect on your experience. Once the checklist is complete, you will receive your Digital Certificate and Digital Badge via the Training Portal, and be listed in the Certified Advisor Directory on the Crowdfund Better website for three years.

Crowdfund Better Process™, Marketing Systems & Tools, Investment Crowdfunding, Donation/Rewards Crowdfunding, 5 C's of Crowdfunding, Cf to Fill the Capital Gap, Nurturing Social Capital, Successful Crowdfunding Paths

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The Crowdfunding Opportunity

The Crowdfunding Opportunity course description

Research & Development, Market Research, Project Management

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