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Tourism III (AEE)


'Tourism III (AEE)' is a course awarded by International Certificate of Christian Education on VerifyEd. General Overview Tourism 17 The influence of global events (such as sporting events and summits) Political situations (such as war and unrest) Unforeseen occurences (such as natural disasters and diseases on global tourism) Tourism 18 Tour plans (including transport, accommodation and activities) Compiling itineraries Compiling a tour budget Tourism 19 Health (diseases such as malaria, cholera and yellow fever) Safety of tourists Travel Documentation (passport and visas) World time zones (maps and calculations) Tourism 20 World icons and attractions (such as the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Machu Picchu, Great Wall of China) Tourism 21 Foreign echange (the multiplier effect, exchange rates and currency calculations) Forms of payment when traveling internationally (such as the Internet, cash and credit/debit cards) Tourism 22 Characteristics of successful tourist attractions South Afrcia’s foreign market share (statistics regarding arrivals, length of stay etc.) Marketing South Africa (such as SA Tourism and trade shows) and customer satisfaction (such as surveys and questionnaires) Tourism 23 Sustainable tourism (planet, profit and people) Responsible tourism (codes of conduct and FTTSA) World Heritage Sites in South Africa (Such as Cape Floral Kingdom, Mapungubwe and Vredefort Dome) Tourism 24 Professional image (such as logos, slogans, packaging and dress code) Conditions of employment (such as remuneration, working hours and ethics) Codes of conduct (expected conduct of staff)

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ACE Monitor Training I

General Overview A.C.E Professional Training This course must be taken at an approved A.C.E. Professional Training Centre under an accredited A.C.E. trainer. The School or HEA Coordinator should contact their A.C.E. service provider for details regarding training opportunities. A.C.E Monitor Training For this course, students must complete the Training PACEs at an approved A.C.E. school, regional HEA office, or an approved area rep's house (where available). Please contact the ICCE Office to confirm approved schools. The School or HEA Coordinator should contact their A.C.E. service provider for details of the PACEs to be completed. Students taking either of these credits will no longer need to submit an essay. However, they must now complete the following in an approved A.C.E. school. Either  - 36 hours of service alongside the A.C.E. Professional Training or - 48 hours of service alongside the A.C.E Monitor Training PACEs. In each case the student should complete a minimum of six A.C.E. Training PACEs.  All Test results, moderation results and a signed affidavit by the approved A.C.E. school regarding the hours of service MUST be submitted to the ICCE Global office upon application for graduation, to be accepted for the certificate.  Please remember, if the A.C.E. Professional Training is undertaken, they may act as a Supervisor in an ACE school; if the A.C.E Monitor Training is undertaken, they may only act as a Monitor in an ACE school 

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