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The Significance of Music in Early Lives

3 hours

Part one comprises 2 courses and covers the basics of the Music House Approach. This is perfect for educators of all levels and is a great place to start your early childhood music journey Course 1 introduces the significance of music in young lives and the role that music plays in nurturing developmental outcomes, musicality, and language. Course 2 introduces a multi-sensory understanding and practical ideas of teaching music with young children's futures in mind.

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Music with babies and young children

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Developing Life Skills through Music For Educators

A Two Part Series designed for all early years educators regardless of musical background. Students include Childminders and Babysitters; Nursery and Pre-School educators; Summer Camp Providers; and more. By purchasing our courses students will receive many free downloads and lifetime access to the Music House Courses educational community. Our courses do not require a subscription and/or licensing fees.

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Implementing Music In the Early Years Setting

Part Two comprises 3 courses and covers the necessary skills and resources to implement music in your early years setting. This advanced course is recommended for those who have completed Part One or are experienced music educators, contact us for details. Course 3 covers best safety practices when engaging in music with young children. Practical tips and guidance introduces robust resources to help your children to enjoy musical adventure safely. Course 4 introduces students to musical terms in practical, accessible ways, encourages musical play, introduces the significance of multi-sensory engagement, and provides lots of musical ideas, resources, rhymes and songs. The capstone course contains a wealth of resources, songs, and rhymes. The course enables students to use our approach independently, creatively and with confidence.

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