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Remote Emergency First Response Instructor

2 days

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Manual Handling

The course is designed to teach the general principles of safe practices in the work place particularly while lifting. It also teaches techniques for safe manual handling particularly suited to all employees not just those employees who engage in heavy manual work, but office workers, drivers, bank clerks etc.

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Remote Emergency First Response Level 3

A two day course which focuses on dealing with incidents far from medical help with the minimal equipment you would carry while participating in or leading outdoor activities. Again the emphasis is on practical skills with plenty of hands-on practice including lots of outdoor scenarios. This course can be tailored to the requirements of special interest groups, for example climbers, mountain leaders, paddlesports instructors or divemasters.

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Remote Emergency First Response Level 1

Successful participants will know how to respond to and emergency and provide the basic steps of First Aid while awaiting the arrival Advanced Responders or Emergency services.

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