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Music (ACE)


General Overview 1. Introduction to Musical Instruments: - Understand the five basic groups of musical instruments - Identify instruments in the string, woodwind, brass, percussion, and keyboard families - Grasp the meaning of being musical - Learn instrument selection - Recognise the importance of practising - Understand playing musical instruments 1. Properties of Tone: - Understand music's significance - Recognise four tone properties - Distinguish even and uneven sound vibrations - Define pitch, duration, and intensity - Identify piano keyboard notes and octaves - Know piano types and mechanism - Identify note and rest types - Understand dynamic markings and sound quality - Recognise voice functions and instrument sound quality 1. Hymnology and Notation: - Define psalm, hymn, and spiritual song - Appreciate hymn backgrounds and writers - Recognise different clef types - Identify stave line and space names - Notate chromatic and major scales - Notate triads and key signatures 1. Minor Keys, Rhythm, and Song Leading: - Identify minor scales and keys - Define rhythm, beat, and metre - Identify accents - Learn conducting patterns and plan song service 1. Singing Voice and Music Styles: - Control nervousness causes - Build poise - Sing with correct posture and breath - Understand bodily resonators and vowel formation - Explain consonant categories - Evaluate song text and tune - Learn hymn stories 1. Appreciation for Music: - Describe music styles across periods - Know composers and their styles - Associate compositions with composers - Recognise themes in musical selections.

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