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Mobile-App Development

Forward School
18 weeks

At the end of the course, students will be; - Familiar with the interface in Android Studio, including editing/refactoring code, file structures, basic gradle build, as well as running apps in the Android emulator and actual devices. They will also learn basic Android library usage and its frameworks, and getting resources from Android official source. - Understand the fundamentals of Kotlin, writing codes in Kotlin proficiently. students will be able to build UI including displaying text, images and other media in Android Emulator or Android devices. - Build and connect database to allow apps to store data for further processing. - Know how to communicate between apps and servers as well as pushing notifications to Android devices using Google Firebase. - Explore in depth on the difference of various background tasks and its implementation. This includes the background tasks usage based on technical and business requirements. - Learn how to use Gradle to manage a project’s dependencies to build code that is reliable, robust and easy to update. This includes managing Android project structure using Built Variant, as well as organizing code that matches the industry standard. Students also learn about building Android app with Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) and other architectural patterns to organize Android project structure with scalability. - Learn how to use the tools built into Android Studio to debug bugs and issues effectively by pausing apps using breakpoints, and learn how to prevent them before Android app is released to Google Play Store. - Recording app traffic data/crash logs into Google Firebase for further debugging, data analysis and strategic planning. - Submit Android apps to Google Play Store for publication with processes of compiling, safeguarding code, Keystore signing and app submission to Google Play Store. This includes Alpha/Beta Test channel which distributes your app to internal testers before releasing the app.

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