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Gateway Leadership Institute - International Duty of Care

12 weeks

The Fall 2021 Institute focused on international duty of care, with the goal of understanding and addressing its complexity, which has in the past often led to fragmented and siloed approaches at many institutions. The Institute’s objectives coalesce around the need to support new and strategic thinking to mitigate risk and promote positive experiences for students, faculty, and staff in the areas of Health, Safety, Legal, Communications, and Risk Management.

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Gateway Leadership Institute

The Gateway Leadership Institute through a combination of webinars, workshops, real-world projects, and coaching, engages participants in an exploration of key topics such as new directions in international strategy, revenue generation, integrated program design, and educational technology. The Spring 2021 Institute’s objectives: 1. To identify expanded ways to enhance contemporary education abroad operations through the utilization of new and emerging educational technologies, specifically related to new directions in portfolio and enrollment management, programming modalities, international health, safety & security readiness, and marketing and communications. 2. To encourage greater familiarity with new and emerging educational technologies to support and advance teaching and learning, specifically regarding virtual classroom instruction and language acquisition. 3. To identify and effectively leverage educational technology to advance new directions in international student recruitment and enrollment management, specifically regarding stimulating prospective student leads and driving them through the recruitment funnel, increasing application yield rates, measuring return on investment, and providing enrollment forecasts to inform budget models.

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Gateway Leadership Institute - Reimagining International Higher Education Careers

Reimagining international higher education careers

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Gateway Leadership Institute - International Enrollment Management

The Spring 2022 Institute focused on international enrollment management with the goal of understanding and leveraging new technologies and strategies to support and enhance international student recruitment in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The Institute’s objectives coalesce around the need to support new and innovative thinking to attract and retain international students for US Institutions.

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