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Data Science

Forward School
15 weeks

Data Science is a way of processing large data sources to glean valuable insights into what makes organisations and industry tick. Data Scientists are expected to analyse information to allow organisations to improve the way they run, enhance their products and services and connect with a targeted group of stakeholders. The best Data Scientists combine their skills in statistics, programming, data visualisation and communications to enhance organisational efficiency

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Data Science Essentials

At the program’s end, students will be ready for a huge range of career opportunities. Our graduates are putting their skills to work in areas as diverse as medicine, manufacturing, business and education.

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Intro to User Experience Design

Interested in UX design but not sure where to start? Our user experience design workshop will teach you the best practices you need to create effective, intuitive experiences for people. We’ll cover all the bases of an iterative UX design process including user research, wireframing, prototyping, UI design and user testing. Learn how to think like a UX designer and confidently work on projects for yourself and clients.

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AI for Leaders

The course will provide guidance for how to develop AI capacity across an organisation. It will explain the capabilities of AI, with examples of how it’s being used by forward thinking organisations. It will explore what leaders need to do to start their AI journey and how they

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