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Cross-functional Leadership

3 months

This course explores how to lead cross-functional teams and synthesise their expertise to make the best decisions and strategies.

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Interdisciplinary Problems and Methods (MASc)

Complex problems require an interdisciplinary approach. Their solutions will not come from a single subject or specialism. At LIS, this interdisciplinary problem-solving is exactly what we do. And our master’s students become experts at it. Our master’s offers two pathways: (1) Climate and Biodiversity; (2) Culture and Complexity. Both pathways share a common core but offer distinct angles of specialisation.  Students have the option of either full-time & on campus study or part-time & remote-first. With this flexible option, most of the teaching will be delivered online but students will have the opportunity to meet their peers and faculty on campus, at least once a term.

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AI for Complex Problems

## AI needs a new kind of education. A non-technical introduction into AI with an interdisciplinary lens. Taught by experts in data science, linguistics, law, technology, and policy.

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Cross-Functional Leadership: Integrating Perspectives in Health and Social Care

'Cross-Functional Leadership: Integrating Perspectives in Health and Social Care' is a course awarded by The London Interdisciplinary School on VerifyEd. This programme is designed to support anyone involved in collaborative, integrated working in Health and Social care. You might be leading a multi-disciplinary team, partnering with other providers, or working across services and sectors. It is an 8-week programme designed by the London Interdisciplinary School to introduce participants to tools for integrated or interdisciplinary work. The programme features four sessions hosted once a fortnight over an eight-week cycle. In the intervening weeks, you will work to apply what you have learned with support from a self-paced learning platform. Videos, recaps, and activities will help you to move from understanding a concept or tool to putting it into practice and getting feedback. The programme is designed for a time commitment of 2 hours per week.

Self-paced Learning, Complex problem-solving, Integrated Collaboration, Intersectoral Cooperation, Multi-disciplinary Team Leadership

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