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Computer Science

Forward School
8 weeks

This course offers the fundamentals of programming, including data types, control flow, operators, iterators, arithmetic and object-oriented terminology. Students will also learn top-level concept software development including writing pseudocode & implementation of pseudocode to compiled running code. This also includes problem solving techniques and software development methods to solve business problems with software and technology. In addition to object-oriented design pattern and system architectures to ensure software is built scalable, extensible and easy to change. Students will learn in depth on how system components are designed holistically to build interconnected database, server and client software. This also includes creating class-diagram modelling to strategize software planning relative to business requirements. Furthermore, Students will learn manipulating and implementing various data structures such as Queue, Array List. Students also learn analyzing each data structures performance and use case to fit best to business requirements, including Big-O notation as well as searching & iterator algorithms and their performance, explaining various concepts and techniques in computer networking and securities. Finally, students will learn about computer networks, how computers communicate with one another which forms the backbone of the Internet. This course also covers cryptography and other security algorithms and measurement to assert the risk effect of information security. This also includes principles and practices in modern information security.

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