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British and European History


'British and European History' is a course awarded by International Certificate of Christian Education on VerifyEd. General Overview This British and European History course (1700-2000) covers key events and shifts across two centuries. Topics span political changes, industrialization, imperialism, wars, and global power shifts. The course illuminates significant figures, movements, and moments, elucidating the factors shaping British and European societies. Themes covered: 1. Enlightenment & Industrial Revolution: Study of Enlightenment's intellectual awakening and Industrial Revolution's societal impact. 2. Rise & Fall of Empires: Exploration of British Empire's growth, colonialism's effects, and 20th-century empire decline. 3. Political Developments: Analysis of parliamentary democracy rise, Hanoverian Succession, political parties, and notable figures. 4. Social Reforms: Examination of slave trade abolition, workers' rights fight, and figures like William Wilberforce. 5. World Wars & International Relations: Exploration of World Wars' impact, pre-conflict diplomatic dynamics. 6. Decolonisation & Post-War Europe: Focus on decolonization, post-WWII Europe dynamics, and EU formation. 7. Cultural & Religious Influences: Role of religion, cultural shifts, and key figures like John Newton. 8. Contemporary Relevance: Connection of history to modern issues, reflecting ongoing impact. 9. The course employs primary sources, discussions, and critical thinking to foster a deep comprehension of this transformative era.

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