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Back-End Web Development

Forward School
17 weeks

At the end of this course, students will have a solid understanding of how a server is setup, including its various components like the web server, app server and database that runs a server. Students will also be able to design a well-structured database by logically structuring data in tables and in its normalized form. On top of that, students will be able to create, read, update and delete (CRUD) data from a DBMS using SQL. Not only that, students will understand how the backend works and why server-side programming is an integral part of web development as well as. They will be able to create a web application using barebone Node.js to show how things work under the hood. Also, students will acquire good understanding of the various Node.js frameworks and their benefits. Besides that, students will be able to build a simple but dynamic web application based on the MVC design pattern using Express and its features like routing, templating and middleware as well as serving static assets, error handling and also perform data CRUD with MongoDB and Mongoose. Moreover than that, students will have strong grasp of REST APIs with the ability to design, write, test and create documentation for their APIs using Express. In addition to that, students will have clear understanding of all the common threats and vulnerabilities of a web application and how to prevent them. Finally, students will have good understanding of DevOps and how to setup and configure CI/CD pipelines for any application.

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