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Auto Mechanics


'Auto Mechanics' is a course awarded by International Certificate of Christian Education on VerifyEd. General Overview 109 The systems in the automobile: the engine; fuel and exhaust; ignition and electrical; crankcase lubrication; cooling system; power transmission; steering; brakes; frame and suspension. Internal combustion engines: basic gasoline engine; four-stroke engine; cylinders; pistons; piston rings; piston pins; crankshaft; main bearings; connecting rod bearings; camshafts; valves –clearance and lifters, wear and lubrication; experimental engines; gas turbines; rotating combustion engine 110 The fuel and exhaust systems: Fuel pump; vacuum booster pump; carburettor; air filter; intake manifold; exhaust manifold; muffler; fuel injection 111 Ignition and electrical systems: Battery; starter; generator; alternator; regulator; ignition circuits; coil; distributor; ignition system; spark plugs; spark timing; electrical accessories 112 Crankcase lubrication: Oil reservoir and pump; crankcase ventilation systems; oil feed systems; pressure relief valve; oil filter; crankcase oil cooler 113 Power transmission system: Clutch; clutch lubrication; transmissions; overdrive; fluid couplings and torque converters; automatic transmissions; transaxle drive systems; propeller shaft and universal joints; flexible drive shaft; rear axle assembly; drive pinions and ring gears; differential; drive axles and rear wheels 114 Steering system: Front wheel mounting; front wheel camber; toe in and caster; steering mechanism; power steering. Braking system: hydraulic brakes; drum brakes; disc brakes; power booster brakes; parking brakes. Frame & suspension systems: leaf springs; coil springs; independent front wheel suspension; independent rear wheel suspension; shock absorbers; torsion bars; air suspension.

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