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Highlight learners’ skills and enhance their employability

Recognise curricular and extracurricular achievements in a lifelong learning ledger.

Trusted by Middlesex University, London Interdisciplinary School, and many more

A learner's profile showing their skills and achievements.

Help students improve employability from day one

Incentivise your learners with tangible awards for formal and informal learning, that they can collate and share with employers, recruiters and professional networks.


A Black Valley student celebrating their achievement on LinkedIn.A Black Valley student celebrating their achievement on Instagram.A Black Valley mentee showing their VerifyEd credential on LinkedIn.

Automate your workflow

Integrate with student record systems and virtual learning environments to automate your processes. Save time in facilitating recruiter-student interactions, whilst still building strong relationships.

Three logos, belonging to Zapier, Moodle and Canvas.A preview of a VerifyEd credential.
Three logos, belonging to Zapier, Moodle and Canvas.A preview of a VerifyEd credential.

A lifelong learning ledger that works

Our lifelong learning ledgers continuously recognise achievements, from day one of university right through to professional development. They create a holistic view of learner experiences, making it easy for employers and recruiters to find and understand skills gained.

"Sometimes students need an incentive, and they need to see some progression, something concrete they can use not only for themselves but for employers as well."

Claire Yates, Unitemps Branch Manager, Middlesex University

Two collections of credentials for a learner: Professional Development and Extra-Curriculars.

Trusted By

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Genuine, productive partnerships

Working together, we help you get up and running quickly. You’ll have regular updates and personal support with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, plus access to our knowledge bank.

“It’s not just about box ticking and numbers...there’s a genuine care that each student should reach their aspirations. VerifyEd got that very quickly.”

Alan Stuart, Director of Employability, Middlesex University

Headshot of Alan Stuart from Middlesex University.

Showcase your students’ employability skills

To understand how we’ll fit into your workflow and revolutionise the way your learners prove their achievements and skills, get in touch.

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