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  • Certificate designer - An advanced design tool, allowing for the complete personalisation of your certificates.
  • Automation - All of the ways in which we eliminate manual input required by your team, for example automated issuance.
  • Lifelong Learning Ledger - The 'user profiles' that each of your learners will receive.
  • Blockchain technology - How we make third-party verification of awards instant and secure.
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“It’s not just about box ticking and numbers... there’s a genuine care that each student should reach their aspirations. VerifyEd got that very quickly.”

- Alan Stuart, Director of Employability

Middlesex University

“With one click of a button we can now create a moment for our graduates that highlights their achievements. I love the ease of the setup process to upload and issue the certificates."

- Leke Sholuade, Founder

Black Valley

"[The platform] is just beautiful … so easy and simple to issue, access and share!"

- Attracta O’Regan, Head of Professional Training

The Law Society of Ireland